Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I can’t bury My Sophie: Sophie Lancaster Update

Sophie remains unburied for legal reasons as the trial approaches. Memorial fund in Sophie’s honour launched by friends and family which aims to fight similar violence. The special fund to be known as S.O.P.H.I.E stands for "S tamp O ut P rejudice H atred (and) I ntolerance E verywhere" aiming to "provide an appropriate memorial; a lasting legacy to raise awareness of the injustice perpetrated against Sophie Lancaster and to work towards a more tolerant, less violent society."

There is now an official Sophie Myspace page :

Myspace "In Memory of Sophie" - Official memorial site for Sophie Lancaster created by her family and friends

Sophie Lancaster Memorial Book

Sophie Tribute Unites A Town

12 hour Memorial concert was held in Bacup on the weekend with 10 bands. Local football club donates proceedings of match to S.O.P.H.I.E fund. The local townsfolk have really pulled together to express horror at this vicious attack.

Police investigation rules out further arrests [scroll down]

POLICE are not expecting to make any further arrests in relation to the attack on Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend Robert Maltby.

Detective Inspector Dean Holden, who has headed up the investigation from the start, said: 'I have been encouraged by the amount of people who have come forward with information and I am grateful for the positive reporting we have received.

'We have spoken to in excess of 100 people in the course of this inquiry and many of those people were young people and of course there are criteria to interviewing and speaking to young people.

'During the night of 10 August into the early hours of 11 August there were probably 15-20 young people in the park at various times. However, not all of them were present during the attack.

'The park is a meeting place and, during the night, children come and go.

'We are not looking at making any further arrests. I am very grateful for the help we have received and since this incident we have had a lot of support from members of the community and that is good.'

The police originally were looking for a further more people who were present during the attack as well as the 5 already under arrest. The next stage in the court process is October 18th.


October Whitby Gothic Weekend is to be dedicated to Sophie’s honour. She visited there in October 2005 with Rob. A collection organised from numerous local goth nights as well as at Whitby has been coordinated by Martin Oldgoth of Insanitorium to arrange a bench in her honour at Whitby. Good article in the goth friendly Whitby Gazette:
”An information stall will be set up in the Pavilion over the weekend of 26 October where small black ribbon roses will be sold to be worn in her memory, and donations accepted to help pay for a memorial bench and plaque to be installed.”

Contact Martin Oldgoth to contribute to the Whitby bench fund

The list of other Memorial events includes:

Charnel House in Newcastle Upon Tyne (6th Oct)

Eccentrik Festival North Carolina USA (Oct 12.07 - Oct 14.07)

The Coven (Luton) October 13th

Dominion in Dublin 13th of October

Faith and the Muse/Beauty of Gemina/Razorblade Kisses gig in London (14th Oct)

B-Movie in London (12th Oct)

Dr Fells and Dr Fells Live in Basingstoke (19th/20th October) are now holding collections.

Misery Of Sound- Blackpool 19th October- SCREAMING BANSHEE AIRCREW + PSYDOLL [japan] + PINK HEARSE

Mas - Cambridge Friday 26th October

Whitby Gothic Weekend Fri 26th - Sat 27th October

3 Nov 2007 14:00 The Sir Charles Napier Memorial Concert @ Blackburn

23 Nov 2007 19:00 ’Make A Noise’ punk gig, Accrington

24 Nov 2007 19:00 Metal gig night at the Adelphi , Accrington

25 Nov 2007 19:00 Sophie Lancaster Memorial Concert @ St Mary’s Chambers Rawenstall

Jazz night at the Jolly Sailor in Waterfoot on 25 November

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