"It's more of an annoyance than anything," said Luc Gill, a 17-year-old student, adding it's a bother to have a teacher escort for a washroom break. Gill suspects the bomb threats are being made by a group of individuals wanting more days off school. He shrugged off the threats, adding there hasn't been anything substantial to it so far.

"We have lots of violence at our school; we get used to it," he said, explaining there are always several fights after school and away from school property.

McFadzen said it's unknown whether the last two threats are connected to the first warning of a fight between the two rival groups. The OPP is investigating the incidents.

When the fight between the jocks and the emos was to happen in December, school officials brought both groups together in a restorative justice circle and the volatile situation at the school appeared to have been defused. McFadzen said the last two threats didn't refer to the two groups and instead directed the threat at the school.