Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Campaigning developments

The Epetition at Downing Street website against Subcultural Hate Crime has shot through the 2000 mark and is now on 2105. This increase seems likely to have been caused by the spurt of interest following Sophie's Funeral plus the recent concert. The youtube video of her funeral has now had almost 11,000 views over 2 weeks and can be found all over the net.

Another development is a new campaigning organisation the Gothic Liberation Front aiming to help goths facing discrimination and attack has started in the USA. They too have been inspired by the the death of Sophie. They are setting up branches all over the place they have one in the UK, France and in Germany and hopefully they will prove a useful support for goths and help them out in times of trouble. They seem to be taking a more militant approach to the whole thing, but it looks like their heart is in the right place. Since all they are suggesting is self defence which is perfectly legal that is fair enough. The more organizations addressing this problem the better. Check them out here.

I think part of their stance may have something to with the aftermath of the breakdown of Goth Help Us mentioned earlier - Farewell Goth Help Us.

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