Sunday, December 9, 2007

More media lies about goths and emos

A newspaper article insults a goth teen just for liking his friends!!

You silly Lotto!

NOW for a new weekly section called Well, Bloody Give It Back Then...

First recipient of the WBGIBT Award is £8.4m Lotto winner Jenny Southall from Newport.

Or, more precisely, it’s her teenage son Jamie who I’m naming and shaming for refusing to move from their pokey council house a mile away. Apparently, the young goth doesn’t want to leave his friends behind – besides, he’s probably only recently finished painting his entire bedroom black and has no doubt just perfected infusing his sheets with the rancid stench of fetid teenager.

Jamie, with that much dosh you can buy more friends, better looking ones, ones who don’t cover their faces with Mother’s Pride while listening to Fields Of The Nephilim records.

Last time I looked Britain was a free country people can wear as much or as little makeup or the clothes they want. If you don't like that well then move to Iran or another country where teenagers can be arrested for dressing in the wrong way or listening to the wrong kind of music.

In an article on the remake of the classic St Trinians fifties films is par for the course for the Daily Mail. Unless the film does portray emos as self-harming goths which I certainly hope it doesn't.

Meet the tribes of St Trinian's | the Daily Mail

6th December 2007

St trinain

Modern girls: (left to right) Trustafarian (Juno Temple), Chav (Kathryn Drysdale), Geek (Lily Cole), The Emo (Paloma Faith), Posh Totty (Tamsin Egerton. Click ENLARGE to see the full profiles

There is a geek with granny glasses and knee-length skirt who is such a computer whiz she can mastermind a multi-million-pound art theft.

There's a chav Essex girl and a freakish creature with pink and black hair who is so emotional that her eyeliner is constantly running down her face.

"The actresses chosen to play the St Trinian's girls needed to be uncompromising, upfront, genuine, and most importantly independent minded, and this is exactly what we got," says director Oliver Parker...

"Girls at modern schools today are divided into gangs and cliques. By visiting a number we were able to plug into the mindset of today's girls and get a sense of which bands they were talking about, what cliques they had and what slang they were using."

"We went round to lots of schools to do our research including posh public schools and comprehensives,' adds co director Barnaby Thompson.

"After talking to the girls for ten minutes, what was interesting was that they all talked about the same things. So we have Chavs, Emos [emotionals - self-harming teenage Goths], Trustafarians, Geeks and Posh Totty in this film.

But hey this is the Daily Mail which printed one of the most inaccurate and stupid articles ever written on emo (and there is great competition for that particular award) in August 2006. Check out:

EMO cult warning for parents | the Daily Mail

Oh yes watch out for those fearsome emos...

The Emos - short for Emotional - regard themselves as a cool, young sub-set of the Goths.

Although the look is similar, the point of distinction, frightening for schools and parents, is a celebration of self harm.

Emos exchange competitive messages on their teenage websites about the scars on their wrists and how best to display them. Girls' secondary schools have for some time been concerned about the increase in self harm.

One governor of a famous boarding school told me that it was as serious a problem as binge drinking, but rarely discussed for fear of encouraging more girls to do it.

Although it is invariably described as a 'secret shame', there is actually a streak of exhibitionism about it.

The internet has many sites dedicated to Emo fashion (dyed black hair brushed over your face, layering, black, black, black), Emo bands (Green Day, My Chemical Romance), Emo conversation (sighing, wailing, poetry).

Kerrang responded by pointing out the Daily Mail knew nothing about Emo. Anyone with a passing interest in youth culture could see the article was so stupid it was amazing. Emos=goths makes no sense what so ever as for the bands it lists as being emo well.

The interesting thing about the film is that it clearly is based on the real tribalistic divisions in schools which do result in conflict. Interestingly a recent initiative in Somerset deals with the same themes:

Kids teach adults a lesson
Weston & Somerset Mercury, UK - 5 Dec 2007
YOUNGSTERS dressed up as 'chavs' and 'emos' to help members of Nailsea's older generation understand more about youth culture.

Three pupils from Nailsea School, in Mizzymead Road, were invited to a Neighbourhood Watch meeting to try to improve relationships between the two generations.

Scott Davie, Libbi Cooper and James Daley donned drainpipe jeans, tracksuits and hoodies as they explained what members of different culture groups liked wearing and what their interests were.

The meeting was part of an initiative by Nailsea School and the Neighbourhood Watch group to try to breakdown barriers and stereotypes between the younger and older generations.

Nailsea School teacher, Dilly Taylor, said: "We are looking at ways of getting the two generations together, to get rid of some of the fear for the older people, and to encourage youngsters to be more conscientious in looking out for the older generation in their communities."

Members of Nailsea Neighbourhood Watch are now planning to give a presentation to youngsters at the school about the aims of their group.

Chairman Don Plevey said: "We want to develop a relationship between Neighbourhood Watch and schoolchildren because older people often perceive youngsters as some kind of threat, when they aren't.

"We are convinced that if we establish a relationship between youngsters in the town it will help prevent vandalism and other problems. We are also thinking of setting up a Watch scheme for youngsters."

Pupils have been thinking of ways to spend more time with older people in the community.
One of the suggestions includes inviting members of the group to the school cafe or meeting up with them in town to try to forge friendships. About 3,800 households in Nailsea belong to the Watch scheme and members meet at the United Reformed Church hall in Stockway North on the second Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.


Anonymous said...

the cRap that the 'daily mail' put in theiR newpapeR is unbelievable. why do they think they can lie about goths and especially emos like that, and expect to get away with it? i honestly cant remembeR how many times i have heaRd people talking about emos, saying they think they aRe betteR , cooleR veRsions og goths who celebRate self haRm. that is total cRap. emos aRe diffeRent that goths and dont see themselves and the next best thing. and while emos aRe 'supposed' to self haRm, UNBELIEVABLY nawt all do! some choose to because that is how they choose to deal with pRoblems that aRe genuine. i am outRaged at how emos aRe poRtRayed and i ceRtainly expect it to end, and veRy soon.

fRom angeRed emo teen...\m/ said...

This is all Bull$hit.

We (emos) dont think were any cooler than anybody else.

Self harm is our way of dealing with ou problems, some dont harm themselves but most do.

I hope the person who wote this sleeps well at night knowing that they have offended many people.

Its their ignorance that keeps making our lives worse.

What they've written is just stereotypical and a complete load of $HIT.

From a VERY VERY Pi$$ed off Emo.

Anonymous said...

y cnt u jst let ppl do wat tha heck they lyk its their life!!!
mi bstie is n emo but i dnt judge her and i let her do wat she lyks as long as shes stil mi frnd

u guys r just a bunch of sados

Anonymous said...

this is bull shit! ok firstly thats not what emo means, emo is a genre of music. i might were loads of eyeliner i might were black, but im still a person and i still have feelings and the fact that some sick bastards think i should be treated like dirt for being diffrent is just stupid.
i hope u burn in hell.
good day

Anonymous said...

y is everyone so judging just cos we listen to altenrative music and dress different from u. r u jealous, r u scared? what makes u think u have a right to treat us differently. u ppl make me sick. and its ppl like u who make us self harm because u make us feel bad/angry/sad/worthless with all your words. u bully us, u attack us, u make our lives a missery when we've don nothing wrong. whats ur problem! what did we do that was so wrong...... how do u live with yourselfs, do u laugh at thoes who are ill or dying or homless, crazy or aid infected? no? well any of them could end up as u? but would we laugh at u know. we are all ppl. y cant u let us be...........

Anonymous said...

the worlds pathetic. All the popular kids and rednecks and other scum make it hard for anyone whose different. They don't know shit. The media is one of the main things to blame here. I'm into Horror punk music (love it) and proudly wear a sideways devil lock, and I get shit daily for my appearance, mostly from pussy jocks who think they're brave with all their buddies around them. But you guys shouldn't worry, because really, those kids who give you shit are jerks. They aren't worth crap. We're better than them, we aren't afraid to walk alone, we aren't afraid to try different things. They're limited by their low level of intelligence, and have about the same mental capacity as a slug.

Mattie said...

These pepople have no FREAKIN idea wat they r talkin about! We emos are not like that!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, your all conforming to what they claim we're like, every time you respond with claims of "not all like that, but most", "only becuase they make us feel that way", "Self harm is our way of dealing with our problems", "they should burn in hell" and more.

I was an 'Emo' while most of you was in dypers. And honestly, the only thing you've all got in common, is conforming to a group which was never about conforming to begin with.

The original emo's were about expressing ourselfs when we wanted to, not always breaking out into tears and tearing our wrists up. To be emo doesn't mean we're always sad. Means that when we are sad we show it, when were happy we show it, when we dont agree we show it. It's never been about showing only frowns and tears.

It's about being yourselves, fully.

If you disagree then let me know at, my old emo account.

But if you agree with me, then stand tall and proud, becuase your a true emo.

Anonymous said...

im not an emo! =P
anyone(girls) from chicago here?
email me:
or ms:


Anonymous said...

I am sorry but wtf!!?

Why do people need to feel they have to put every single living teenager into a bloody catergory ...

We "emos" are no different then any other living breathing human on this planet ... so what if we listen to different music or if we dress differently or tend to show our emotions more then others?... EVERYONE dresses differently and EVERYONE has different tastes in music etc. and its our own personal choice if we show our emotions or not ... everyone shows emotion once in a while, so what if we do it alot more?!! It shouldnt be an issue!!

I am so pissed off that a newspaper would write this!!! Its a pile off crap

Grow up and cop on and start seeing sense!!

From so called teenage "emo" girl ...

Anonymous said...

Not All Emos hurt themself.Some do Some dont,Some did.Emo iz A look & type of music..

Anonymous said...

Green Day...emo.
Oh, of course Green Day are emo, infact, they are so emo that they are one of the biggest punk rock bands of the past 20 years.
Oh yes, very emo.
And as for MCR being emo...I believe MCRs very own Frank Iero said something along the lines of-
'All music should be emotional, from the loudest bit of metal to the quietest bit of classical music, unless of course, its some jingle for washing powder.'
Or something along those lines.

Emo doesn't exsit. Emo is a name given to those who fit under the catergory of Punk, Goth etc., that are under about 20 years old, and the youth of today cannot call them Punk or Goth, as they do not understand the terms themself. People that try to be 'emo' or 'scene' just because it is the 'in' thing, are, fakes.

And as for St Trinians...
VERY unhappy with the latest movie, with the emos getting out of a herse with coffins.

Pissed off Green Day fan. >.<

Anonymous said...

It's funny that any person that's into horror movies, wears black alternative clothing and creepy make up is classifed as emo these days (ridiculously, even fishnet and arm warmers are classed as emo).

In fact even not only the media has made people brainwashed thinking that anyone thats into that dark stuff is emo, but also made brainless kids thinking WTF is a goth, especially teens that are full on crack and alcahol shit all the time.
I even feel sorry for these goth people that have to put up with being mislabeled and sometimes have to give up their goth trend despite of this going on in the 21st Century, although some manage to not give up what they like but thats usually rare.

Too bad the goth trend is dying anyway :(

Anonymous said...

I hope not to offend anyone, but don't you 'emos' realise that by putting yourself into a category that is completely different you are actually just making a gradually enlarged group that is exactly the same? You have become the playthings of big retail companies who profit from your individuality. Clothes shops now design things especially for you; music is advertised specifically at you. The last thing any of you are now is individual. Your culture has become one of the largest media-supported ones out there, and new retail groups make huge amounts of money out of your apparently 'unique' look. Haven't you noticed you've destroyed your individuality by subscribing to a culture that forces you to be the same? I know some of you can't even so much as look at certain types of clothing or music, not necessarily because you don't like it, but because you are not allowed to like it.
Let me guess: you see yourselves as the vanguard of youthful rebellion and freedom of speech; of independence in a world made better because you can be who you want to be. You’re not. You are the ones putting up false boundaries to the rest of the world, judging the groups you think are judging you. Take a step back. We’re all human: we’re all the same. The clothes, make-up and scars that you wear aren’t real; they are just an external mask you have created with which to judge the rest of the world. I’m sad that youth culture puts up societal boundaries so early. How much more prejudiced will you be when you enter the real world? Ultimately, wear what you want, be who you want, but don’t fool yourselves into thinking the world is against you. We’re born without culture and we’ll go to our graves without the comfort of it, so don’t let it rule your life. We'll never escape culture, but see it for what it is. We’re all human, and the way to make this world better is to see ourselves as equals, not to hack ourselves up into social categories and cultures.

Anonymous said...

be yourself and don't waste your time by being p.o.
media harms everyone who doesn't fit into their picture.
enjoy life and your youth. They maybe didn't no what to write so they came up with this article so they make more money with the parents, who never had time for their kids and now wonder why their kids don't tell them nothing.
I was a newwaver, if someone knows what that is. We had also mods, rockabillies, skinheads, punks, psycs, skaters, bikers and poppers (which are today called popular, spoiled kids with rich parents). You see?

Zadie said...

This is ridiculous that the media and adults think they can just categorize every single teenager into neat little boxes. They should know that people are different, and even if they don't understand it doesn't mean they should just attack a certain group. I hate stupid stereotypes, and I agree that emo isn't all dark clothes and cutting yourself and "I hate my life" that seems to be showing up on the media all the time. It's just about expressing yourself and deciding to be different then all the stupid brainless perfect Abecrombie and Aeropostle zombies.

Anonymous said...

The article said "Emos [emotionals - self-harming teenage Goths]"

That's the most absurd statement I've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

i think that the picture is a little stupid just the fact that parents group us too if my mom hears some1 calling me goth or emo or punk or genre she will look it up on the laptop and say honey i cant believe u do all this stuff (what stuff) the stuff that the group says u do (well im me so no i don't do that i do what i want because im not like every1 else)

Anonymous said...

i raped a goth last night

Anonymous said...

this is fucking stupid emos don't self harm nothing kids that self harm are just kids with problems that are just emo..... its a fucked up sterotype, its like saying all goth kids worship satan...

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