Sunday, December 2, 2007

Protests against Lordi

In a world in which there are genuine Satanic Black Metal bands it seems rather odd that anyone protests against Lordi. Did they march against the inclusion of costumed orcs in Lord of the Rings too? But maybe it is Ozzy and KISS who they are worked up about. Only about thirty years too late there.

Oh Lordi ... Christians take on fiends of rock - New Zealand,

A crusade is looming as church groups prepare to take on heavy metal heavyweights poised to play in Wellington over Easter.

Wellington pentecostal church Lifepoint says the lineup of bands - including former bat-biter Ozzy Osbourne and Kiss - are "not appropriate" and will have "negative influences" on the city during the two-day Rock2Wgtn festival on March 22 and 23. They plan to lobby other church groups and will look at taking their concerns to Wellington City Council.

"It's not appropriate from our angle of things," said pastor Karen Crawshaw.

"I don't think we can force our views on others but at the same time we think it's a very negative influence on our city. It'll put a damper on the things the church traditionally focuses on at the Easter season."

The condemnation follows confirmation that another hellish rock act, Finnish heavy metal band Lordi, has been booked to appear at the Wellington event. The band, whose five members dress in elaborate costumes as monsters and demons, won the Eurovision song contest last year.

The winning song, Hard Rock Hallelujah, includes the lyrics "I got horns on my head, my fangs are sharp and my eyes are red" - and prompted Finland's religious leaders to warn that the band could inspire devil worship. But vocalist Tomi Putaansuu, a former film student who calls himself Lordi, denies any Satanic leanings.

Ozzy has a very odd way of being Satanic as other news confirms.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Sharon Osbourne and her Black Sabbath frontman husband, Ozzy, raised more than $800,000 (389,000 pounds) for charity after heavy metal enthusiasts turned out en masse for their Beverly Hills-style garage sale, auction manager Darren Julien said on Saturday. Bidders at the auction, which benefited the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation, ran the gamut from metal heads to the high-brow.


RandomGoth said...

I am saddened that people who believe the same as myself i.e. Christians could be so intolerant. And of Lordi of all bands? The band who sang Hard Rock Hallelujah? Have they even read the lyrics of that song?
"The true believers
Thou shall be saved
Brothers and sisters keep strong in the faith"

Not to mention..."The devil is a loser?"

Instead of campaining against this would it not prehaps have made more sense to use it as a chance for evangelism to a wider audience? said...

Yes it is a negative approach which has drawbacks both for them and the bands involved.

Steve Scanner said...

G'day Alterophobia
Steve Scanner here in New Zealand. Not all of NZ is as small minded as those in this story!! Lots of Punk Rock and Metal here (although the former is my thang!!) and good stuff too. Hit to find out a bit more. Cheers and beers,
Steve S