Tuesday, January 22, 2008

12 year old girl in Blackburn attacked by group of girls

I have not been updating regularly due to other pressures so a number of important stories slipped me by chiefly one which Diva posted in a comment here a few weeks back a sickening attack on a twelve year old teenager in Blackburn for dressing differently. It seems about 11 others were chasing this one girl.

This is all the more poignant in that alternative teens were recently blamed for hanging out together in the town (see Blackburn). Hardly surprising if they do go round in groups if they are subjected to this kind of attack if they are by themselves. Despite the good news on the trial in Exeter and on Sophie's Bench, it seems the sad saga of violence continues. Read the illuminating comments at the website:

Girl attacked 'for how she dressed'
Lancashire Evening Telegraph, UK - 11 Jan 2008

A YOUNG girl was chased and attacked in school grounds - because of how she was dressed, her mother claims.

The 12-year-old, who was wearing "emo" style clothing, with skinny black jeans and a hooded top, was set upon by a gang of girls at 3pm on Sunday.

Her mum said the attack, in Blackburn, could have been much more serious if she had not managed to escape.

Police said they were treating the incident very seriously because of the vicious nature.

However, a spokesman said they were unable to confirm whether the offence was prompted by the girl's appearance as the officer dealing with it was on holiday.

The girl's mum, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, said the gang were calling her daughter, a Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School pupil, a "goth".

She had gone into Blackburn town centre shopping for her mother's birthday present when she was targeted in the Boulevard.

One of the gang shouted 'Are you wearing those shoes for a joke?'

She then ran along Church Street where she was assaulted. Police said she got to Preston New Road when the gang stopped her again and tried to take her iPod.

The mother said the girl ran to the QEGS school grounds to hide and was running up the steps when her legs were grabbed and she fell.

Her mum, 38, who lives in Feniscowles, said: "They were calling her a goth.

"One had hold of her while others were punching her. They made her aplogise for being a goth and were making her beg for them not to 'break her legs'.

"They held her hostage on the steps until she did."

She added: "She was in tears and cried the whole night.

"She has been left completely traumatised by it."

She said the attack was a stark reminder of what happened to Sophie Lancaster, who was allegedly murdered for wearing goth-style clothing in August, The mother said: "We all know what it can lead to after what happened to the girl in Bacup.

"That could have been my daughter and I want to warn all parents."

PC Mick Smith said: "This was an extremely serious incident but fortunately she wasn't physically injured.

"We won't tolerate attacks on anyone, and we are appealing to anyone who might have seen what happened to come forward and let us know."

Police have arrested three girls on suspicion of assault. The girls, all aged 14 and from Blackburn, have been released on police bail pending further inquiries.

Anyone with information about the incident should call Blackburn police on 01254 51212 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 .

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