Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another punk killed in Russia

Neo-Nazi attacks in Russia claimed another victim. We reported on the attempted bombing/ attacks by Russian Neo Nazis earlier. This is about the fourth punk/SHARP killed by neo-nazis in Russia.

Teenager Stabbed to Death in Gang Attack
The Moscow Times

A teenager has been stabbed to death in an attack possibly organized by Spartak Moscow football fans on the Internet.

The 16-year-old boy died in a "mass brawl" near the Kitai-Gorod metro station on Sunday evening, a spokesman for the Investigative Committee said Monday.

"A murder case has been opened, but no further details can be given as the case is ongoing," said the spokesman, speaking on customary condition of anonymity.

The spokesman refused to identify the teenager.

News reports identified the victim as Alexei Krylov and said he and the attackers belonged to rival skinhead groups.

Novaya Gazeta, citing an unidentified law enforcement official, reported that 15 skinheads who support xenophobic violence attacked Krylov and several of his friends, who belong to SHARP, or Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice.

Krylov, who died of multiple stab wounds at the scene, had attended a punk concert with his friends at the nearby Art Garbage club. He lived in the town of Noginsk near Moscow, the newspaper said.

Visitors to the http://fanat1k.ru web site, run by Spartak fans who support xenophobic violence, apparently planned the attack late last week.

While the entries on the web site's forums had been deleted Monday, versions of the pages cached by web pages remained viewable.

"A couple of words of advice to those planning to hang around Kitai-Gorod on Sunday," began one entry, posted by the user Perovsky, who is listed on the web site as an administrator.

"Why don't a couple of us go down there and check out the vicinity of the club. Dress like a regular person ... but don't go too close," the posting said. "On Sunday this thread will be deleted."

Another user asked whether there would be metal detectors at the club's entrance.

"If there are, then the SHARPs will get it outside. If not, then we will go in ourselves," said a third user, who called himself Slavka 'Oi!

Web site administrators did not reply to an e-mailed request for comment.

In unrelated Spartak violence, around 200 fans were detained after the club's Russian Premier League opener against Zenit St. Petersburg last weekend.

Police said the fans were held for petty crimes and no serious attacks were reported.

Violence is common among Russian football fans, and Spartak fans -- known as Gladiators -- have been implicated in other xenophobic attacks in recent years.

In October, teenage Spartak fans were detained after a wave of knife and other attacks left several dark-skinned foreigners dead.

In an apparently unconnected attack, a Nigerian student was in the hospital with a concussion on Monday after being attacked by four drunken factory workers near the Prazhskaya metro station, Itar-Tass reported.

The student, from Peoples' Friendship University, was not identified.

Neo-Fascists Attacked Teenagers in Moscow
March 17th
Armed by knives, a group of roughly 15 attacked seven teenagers in downtown Moscow Sunday; the young people were going to the punk concert at Art Garbage Club, RBC reported. One of teenagers died of the knife wound.
The accident happened at 6:34 p.m., near 6 Maroseika St., Moscow. The called patrol officers found a 16-year boy with a penetrating wound in the chest and lots of other cut wounds. He died in 15 minutes, before the emergency ambulance arrived to save him.

A criminal case was opened under the Clause 105 of the RF Criminal Code (murder committed by a group of persons for hooligan purposes).

The neo-fascists had thoroughly planned the accident. The call to attack the concert visitors and respective instructions were the highlights of Spartak fans forum. Through hearsay, the topic moderator was the person with Perovskiy nick, who is notorious in the neo-fascist community. The issue was crossed out of the forum straight after the attack but it remained in the cash of Internet searching vehicles.

During the discussion, one of the visitors suggested blowing up the club. Another visitor wanted to know about the guards of the club and whether it would be possible to bring the knives there and massacre inside it.

Young man killed in Moscow in attack by neo-Nazis, group says
The Associated Press
Published: March 17, 2008

MOSCOW: A young man was stabbed to death in central Moscow in what activists described on Monday as an attack by neo-Nazis.

The Antifa anti-Nazi movement said in a blog that the 16-year-old, Alexei Krylov, was attacked by more than a dozen neo-Nazis armed with knives and fatally stabbed in the neck late Sunday. The attack just a few blocks away from the Kremlin occurred as Krylov and several others were heading to a punk music concert in a Moscow nightclub, Antifa said.

Moscow police spokesman Yevgeny Gildeyev confirmed that a young man was stabbed to death in downtown Moscow late Sunday, but would not identify the victim or give any details, saying the criminal probe was under way.

Antifa said that a young woman also was wounded in Sunday's attack. It said that in 2006 another young man died in a similar attack by neo-Nazis outside a Moscow nightclub.

Nationalist and neo-Nazi groups mushroomed after the 1991 Soviet collapse as a dramatic economic decline spread social frustration, particularly among youth. They targeted numerous guest workers from impoverished ex-Soviet republics in the Caucasus and Central Asia, students from Africa, visitors from Asian countries, Jews and Russian anti-Nazi activists.
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Rights activists have said that authorities, who earlier came under criticism for doing little to combat xenophobia, have been making efforts recently to investigate hate crimes more thoroughly and to take such cases to court.

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