Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bizarre launch Proud to be Different! campaign

A fairly popular UK magazine has now leapt into this area.

Bizarre magazine which costs £3.50, has a monthly circulation of 54,571.

"Goth" murder prompts Bizarre's Proud to be Different campaign - join up!

We’re sure you’ve all read about the current murder trial of Sophie Lancaster, the girl kicked to death in Lancashire last year.

It’s something that’s affected us deeply at Bizarre. Our readers pride themselves on being different and not conforming to society’s norms.

Whether you consider yourself a goth, a metaller, a rockabllly, an emo kid, a retro head, a fetish fan, or whether you’ve got body mods or tattoos, at some point in your life you’re likely to have been verbally or physically abused for the way you look.

You may have had an employer discriminating against you, someone shouting at you in the street, or suffered more serious physical abuse.

And it’s just not on. We don’t want to take it any more. And we don’t want you to take it any more.

We’ve set up an online forum where you can share your experiences, show solidarity, offload your worries, and maybe come up with ideas for strategies to help stop the hate.

Join us now at

And let’s go from there..."
Hopefully it will raise awareness of this problem.

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