Sunday, April 6, 2008

More on Mexico

Beatings and abuse give Mexico's emo teens plenty to feel ...
The Observer, UK - 21 hours ago
Burgeoning anti-emo sentiment exploded here last month when hundreds of young people in the central city of Querétaro heeded a call to rid the central ...
Why Are Emo Kids Getting Attacked In Mexico? - Apr 4, 2008
They shoved the three against a wall and began kicking and punching, shouting, "Kill the emos!" and filming the incident on their cell phones.

This article tells the usual unfounded lies about goth/emo. How about considering whether the parent in this case bears any responsibilty for the actions of his children rather blaming music.

Knowing what teens are into helps parents stay step ahead
Winston-Salem Journal, NC - Apr 2, 2008

“Unlike the Goth subculture of teen angst and disenchantment with society, emo is a cult of self-loathing,” he wrote in a recent e-mail, referring to kids who favor the forbidding “Goth” look of black clothing and dyed black hair. “Emo turns the malcontent a Goth may have towards the world unto the self. A disturbing aspect of emo is the use of self-mutilation to extract revenge for perceived slights from family and friends.”

Palmer Edwards, a Winston-Salem psychiatrist who works with adolescents, is familiar with emo and the acts described by Gene.

“The term has been around for several years,” Edwards said. “Basically it means emotional.… Emo kids are thought to be very emotional and down on themselves.”

Calling every kid who wears dark clothing and combs his (or her) hair down over the eyes “emo” would be a vast overgeneralization, but any sudden change in a kid’s behavior is certainly worthy of parental inquiry and investigation.

“Goth is so common that there’s a store in Hanes Mall that caters to the look,” Edwards said. “I’m not sure how rebellious something is if it has its own store in the mall. However, there could be some depression going on. It can range from the mild end that would require a period of adjustment to super severe in which a psychiatrist may be needed.”

Gene and Edwards agree that not every kid in dark clothes is considering suicide or self-mutilation.

“Parents should be leery and may want to speak with their kids about it,” Gene said.


Klatuu o embuçado said...

It's everywhere: stupidity must be epidemic!!


Klatuu o embuçado said...

P. S. EMO are misguided (to young for) young goths, in need of a big hug.

AkashA DulcineA said...

Here in Mexico, we have some political ways to cover government's mistakes... right now, there's an issue about oil's privatization, so, many analists are talking about violence against emo's as an strategy to cheat people's attention.

Anyway... intolerance is on the air.

oScUrAs ReVeReNcIaS.

Robyn said...

I've been attacked twice where I live, both times I believe for being dressed in alternative clothes.
The first time around the girl went to court because of it and I was given compensation, but money wasn't enough to stop me being terrified to leave the house alone.
The second time I was beaten to the ground by a group of around seven girls.
Nothing was done about it.

I live in a town just a couple of miles from Bacup where Sophie Lancaster was attacked.