Saturday, May 24, 2008

Justice is done - Another victim sees attackers jailed

Another account of a horrific crime is only now revealed as being motivated by prejudice. It is interesting to note that it occurred in Denton, formerly in Lancashire, now greater Manchester only 6 miles east of central Manchester not that far from Bacup. The Early Day Motion has 26 signatures now this trial is just more proof the laws ned looking at:

Goth attack thugs jailed

Adam Derbyshire
21/ 5/2008

A GOTH attacked and left for dead by two thugs who disliked how he dressed has thanked a Good Samaritan for saving his life.

Stephen Jones, 20, was punched to the ground, stamped on and robbed by teenage yobs Steven Clayton and Peter Landy, one of whom was a childhood friend.

The case carries chilling echoes of the murder of Sophie Lancaster, who was attacked by a gang for being a goth.

Stephen was saved by passer-by Andrew Dawes who stopped his car and chased the violent pair off.


Clayton was jailed for 10 years and Landy for four years at Manchester Crown Court last Monday after a jury convicted them of the brutal attack in Denton.

Stephen had dropped off a CV at a local shop in Circular Road looking for part-time work.

As he walked home with his girlfriend on 3 August, 2006, he was confronted by Clayton.

Stephen said: "He wandered up and accused me of talking about him and started mocking me because of the way I looked. I’d never seen him before in my life.

"I recognised Landy because we used to be best friends when we were young, but we drifted apart as we got older.

"Clayton demanded money and started pushing me and putting his hands in my pockets.

"He punched me in the face four times.

"I fell down and they stamped on my head and kicked me in the face. They showed no signs of stopping until Andrew pulled over and they fled."

Stephen suffered a bleed o n the brain and spent a fortnight in hospital. His injuries were so severe he lost his memory and the ability to walk.

He said: "I used to be so outgoing but my self confidence has plummeted."

In order to make a fresh start, Stephen left his mum’s home in Platt Walk, Denton and moved to his dad’s in Hadfield.

While on bail for the attack, Clayton assaulted and robbed another boy in Denton.

Clayton, of Whittles Walk, Denton and Landy, of Platt Walk, Denton, both 19, were convicted of grevious bodily harm and robbery.

Stephen’s mum June Wood, of Carrbrook, said: "If it had not been for the passing motorist, Andrew Dawes, these two thugs could have killed my son."

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leanisb said...

Thank any Gods you care to name that this young man was found in time. I have been attacked in front of over 100 people by a gang of 30. Not ONE person tried to help or even called the police. All of the by-standers seemed to be looking at their shoes instead of what was happening to me. I got a knife out (yes, I know it's illegal but I had no other choice) while the gang were kicking me. I just waved it around to stop their feet connecting with my body. I was
arrested, despite the police knowing full well that the thugs had attacked ME and that they all
had criminal records or ASBOs.
I was given a caution and told that I could be sued by the head thug for 'emotional distress'. This happened in 2002 at Canterbury bus station. It was not the first or last time. The police don't care. The public didn't care. They do now that THEY are being attacked as there are more of these thugs and yobs around than ever before. The police treat it as a tribalism thing. A conflict between two different groups. It is not. The yobs attack US. We never attack THEM, except in self-defense. I can only wonder if I would have been treated differently by the police and public, if I had been a priest, a nun or a muslim woman. It seems that religious intolerance is treated as a crime, but not subcultural intolerance. I am fuming! Sorry for taking up so much comment space. Thank you for this site, I have links to it on my myspace and I have put the address on fliers I hand out about the S.O.P.H.I.E. fund and the GLF.