Monday, August 25, 2008

Emo Satanic Panic in South Africa

Another moral panic this time in South Africa. For some reason the article seems to combine emo, satanism and metal together in a nonsensical combination.

Sword killing sparks fears of satanic ritual deaths
Weekend Post - Aug 23, 2008

Psychologists warn that the inability of parents and schools to recognise when teenagers are troubled or involved in potentially lethal activities could result in scenarios where they play out their fantasies among their peers – as happened at the Nic Diederichs Technical High School in Krugersdorp on Monday with tragic consequences.

Teenagers in the Eastern and Southern Cape – like their peers in other parts of the world – are also falling prey to a dark new sub-culture known as “Emo”, according to counsellors.

Emo, short for emotional, stems from the alternative US music scene and refers to teens who dress in black, wear dark make-up, show no emotion and listen to bands with lyrics about death and depression. It has already claimed at least one life – that of British 13-year-old Hannah Bond – late last year, after she hanged herself from her bunk bed.


Laura said...

I totally cut myself to prove I feel no pain. Note sarcasm. I cut because I have no other way to express my pain. I sure as hell feel it. I feel it so much I have to make it physical to the point of stitches. I also have never known an emo who shows no emotion, they're usually the ones that are upset all the time. People are so ignorant.

Sakhile Lukhele said...

@Laura That is so true.
And anyways adult/parents (most of them at least) don't understand us or at least try to. So if we do something new and unusual, they they raise their judgements in a flash. By the way, I live in S.A. And I've never heard of such. Look, our music is criticized, fashion sense, our art, everything. One more thing, before complaining about our generation, ask yourself, "Who raised y'all"

Anonymous said...

Emo is all about the music, not about the cutting and being depressed. Like hip-stars the emo sub-culture comes with a trend in fashion. I too am born in South Africa and rarely I'm black, yes some emos cut themselves to ease pain and yes we feel MISUNDERSTOOD ,especial our parents ,and are critised by some of our peers. I've joined the emo sub-culture through the music. It relates to me. Instead of cutting myself I listen to emotive hardcore to ease my pain. True today emo revolve around depressed teens but trust me they are not satanist. The only difference between you and I is the cloths I wear and the music I listen to. Emos intend to express themeselve through music, fashion, poetry, and as I 'art'. Though they are most of the time emotional but it come a time where they smile and laugh with other. They are no satanist, they only misunderstood.