Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vicious attack on Goths in Rothwell, Leeds - Paul Gibbs seriously injured

Another vicious attack and mutilation with the most serious injuries inflicted on 26 year old Paul Gibbs and two others injured as well. This sounds like another very horrifying crime:

Echoes of Reservoir Dogs as camper's severed ear found
Yorkshire Post - Aug 30, 2008

One man and two youths are still in custody being questioned in on suspicion of robbery and attempted murder in connection with the case.

The 26-year-old was one of a group of about 20 young goths who were camping on parkland close to the John O'Gaunts estate in Rothwell, east of Leeds, when they were viciously attacked. Four of the group were stabbed and two of the girls were robbed at knifepoint. Two of the four injured men suffered serious injuries.
It is believed the group had travelled up to the John O'Gaunts area at around 8pm on Wednesday and were having a barbecue, drinking and listening to music.Police said a number of attacks took place at different times and at different locations, before one of the group made a frantic call to police. The most violent of the incidents resulted in the man's ear being severed.

Leeds Goths' tribute to pal who had ear sliced off
Yorkshire Evening Post - Sep 1, 2008
Kyle Staniforth was camping with around 20 mosher or Goth friends, ... Police have not revealed the extent of his injuries, other than to his ear

Rothwell Goth attack: Three in court
Rothwell Today - Aug 28, 2008

Police probe Leeds Goth attack after man's ear chopped off ...
Police probe Leeds Goth attack after man's ear chopped off - Residents told of
their shock today over a terrifying night of knife crime

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Anonymous said...

i had Paul (Gibbo) & Kyle staying with me during the time this happened, i am a goth with high functioning autism & many physical disabilities so i didn't go on the camping trip that night, me and a few others stayed at mine & were woken by the police early hours the next morning needing information on how to contact Gibbos family, they also needed me to come & collect Kyle as his appropriate adult as he was 16yo at the time & i was a friend of his older sister who wasn't available at the time. Kyle was beaten by the attackers and left a bit bruised but the emotional effects of what he witnessed with Gibbo will be with him for life along with everyone else who was there that night. ii spent the next day witnessing kyles statements at the police station & making sure he got breaks from the interview if he was getting distressed, then a walk through of the crime scene with kyle, a female mosher friend Hannah who was very helpful in keeping kyle calm & the police to add details to his statement,it wasn't till later on that day when we all got back to my flat the police told us they still hadn't managed to find a contact for Gibbos family... 3 hours later & a long way through my phonebook i took a long shot & contacted a friend who had moved to Wales a year or 2 before, so glad i did as she had names, addresses, & phone numbers for his family & he was unconscious in intensive care.... Gibbo went through years of surgeries to keep his ear alive inside him till they could reattach it... everyone was deeply affected by what happened that night, those of us who chose not to go that night feel things wouldn't have gone that far if we had gone. MR A Hall & his 2 friends who had attacked the group got off extremely lightly in court & now they have been released Gibbo has expressed to me he is in fear of them... People who are willing to attack peaceful groups because we are different need segregating from the public as there actions affect alot more people than they know, bu instead of sorting out the violent problem Leeds City Council turned Leeds Corn Exchange from the home of alternative shops in Leeds and a weekend meeting point for hundreds of peaceful like minded peoples into a failing mini mall of boutiques & coffee shops, this was to disband the large gatherings of alternatives from Leeds town center... feels like we have been burned by the establishment when i see every weekend the town center swarming with drunk abusive non alternative folk being facilitated by the establishment