Sunday, February 22, 2009

Emo bullying in Australia

Taunts turn to violence - bullying exposed - Feb 17, 2009

The family of one teenage male student told how their son was subjected to a series of assaults at an elite Sydney private college, which included:

* A BROKEN arm sustained in an altercation with another student;

* A KING hit from another student leaving him with a bruised neck and cheekbone; and

* HARASSMENT by five students who called him an "emo" and told him to cut his own throat and wrists.


Battybattybats said...

Whilst time is almost up its worth bringing attention to the Australian National Human Rights Community Consultation which has opened a public comment blog here I'm already bringing up sub culture issues with the host I'm advocating for and every extra voice counts

Jac Loves Love said...

Dang, that's sad...
I used to be teased for being "emo" all the time at school. I think bullying is horrible.

Battybattybats said...

You'll be outraged to hear an Australian state government has made a 'viral' online add thats anti-Emo!


Using peoples anti-emo prejudice to drive an ad against using a mobile phone while driving! Theres one about red-haired people too.