Saturday, April 4, 2009

Russian Neo Nazis step up attacks

Interesting article on the grim world of Russian Neo-Nazis who besides the obvious racial and homophobic targets pick out subcultures for violence too as we have seen before:

Neo-Nazis ever more active, society stays passive - analysts
ИТАР-ТАСС - ИТАР-ТАСС (подписка) - Apr 1, 2009

Last year was one of the most eventful ones in terms of the manifestations of radical nationalism and resistance to it by the state and society, SOVA said in its report. The number of victims of racism and xenophobia-fuelled violence last year totaled at least 525, of whom 97 died. (In contrast to this in 2007 85 were killed and 605 others injured).

In all, 2008 racist and neo-Nazi attacks were registered in 44 regions of Russia, but most of them were in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as before.

The main victims of xenophobic aggression were Central Asia and Caucasus-born nationals. However, not a single individual of non-Slavic appearance is secure from racists' attacks. The same applies to the representatives of left-wing youth movements and subcultures alternative to the neo-Nazis (the Punks, the Emos and the Goths), whom the neo-Nazis regard as "traitors of the white race and its ideas."

The neo-Nazis' terrorist practices have been expanding. Last year saw at least ten explosions or attempts to blow up makeshift bombs in Moscow and the Moscow Region, in which neo-Nazis are suspected to have been involved.

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