Monday, June 8, 2009

Police concern about "chav" vs alternative teens violence in Wigan

Once again a park in Lancashire is a scene for more conflict. No solid details but basicaly shows the trend:

Police bid to curb park gang violence
Wigan Today - ‎Jun 3, 2009‎
Source: Wigan Evening Post

Published Date: 03 June 2009 Gang violence has prompted a summer crackdown at a
Wigan park.Police say there has been a worrying increase in assaults at Mesnes
Park since the evenings became warmer and lighter and often involve different

Youths belonging to different social groups such as "chavs," "moshers," and "emos" have been involved in a number of incidents in recent weeks. This has not only caused concern for the individuals caught up in the violence but also the safety of innocent by-standers and the reputation of the park which is about to undergo a major upgrade.

Mounted police have been brought in to patrol the Victorian park as part of what will be a whole raft of high profile measures over the summer months.
One officer, who had been called up from the mounted police centre at Hough End, Manchester, said: "We are here because there have been a lot of assaults in the park just recently involving youths belonging to different groups such as chavs and emos.

"The hot weather, light evenings and alcohol have all contributed to the trouble and
we are here to deter further trouble." A Wigan Police spokesman said: "This is
the start of a summer operation which we will be running in Mesnes Park with our
partners over the summer.
"It is an effort to tackle anti-social behaviour and violent crime that has been committed there in recent weeks. Since the evenings got lighter there have been a number of incidents, mainly assaults.

"Various youth factions seem to be involved and alcohol is undoubtedly a
factor too. We are stepping up patrols both to prevent further crimes."
He said that further measures for the summer campaign would be announced soon.