Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Attack story – a complaint - Whitby Today

Attack story – a complaint - Whitby Today:

"From: Leona Cowap, Falcon Terrace, Whitby

I am writing to complain about the story “Thugs tore of my ears”, which was on the front page of Friday 2 November’s paper. I was extremely disappointed to read that they were not actually his real ears. I find the headline very misleading as I thought there had been a really quite serious attack. I agree it wasn’t very nice of the ‘attackers’ to push him about and swear at him but I wonder if I am the only person in Whitby who found “They ripped the bald cap and false ears, tore them to pieces and stamped on them” actually quite hilarious. Also, I know if Stuart had been unfortunate enough to have his real ears ripped off in the centre of Leeds on a Saturday evening it probably wouldn’t have even made it into the paper, let alone front page. 08 November 2007 "

See original story here:
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