Sunday, November 11, 2007

Petition Against Violence Gains 1 500 Signatures (from LancashireTelegraph)

"AN online petition - launched in memory of tragic Bacup girl Sophie Lancaster - calling for violence against goths and emos to be made 'a hate crime' has attracted more than 1,500 names. The petition comes as Sophie's family and friends today (MON) prepare to celebrate the former Haslingden High School pupil's life in a humanist service at the Riverside Centre in Whitworth. It has been lodged on the Prime Minister's website and urges Gordon Brown to consider extending the definition of hate crimes to include violence against goths and emos. advertisement The petition reads: 'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to widen the definition of hate Crime', to include crimes committed against a person or persons, on the basis of their appearance or subcultural more"
Petition Against Violence Gains 1 500 Signatures (from This Is Lancashire)

The article is mistaken in saying it is just about goths and emos but I suppose it is an easy mistake to make. The petition is now at over 1600 signatures and is around number 143 out of more than 8000 petitions on the site. This may be the first time the petition has been mentioned in the media. I think there will be a lot more media coverage round the trial in March of the accused in the Sophie Lancaster case when the petition will be almost finished which should be interesting. One wonders what difference such legislation would have made in the case of the killing of Dele Little for instance.

See earlier posts on hate crime for more background on the petition.

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