Monday, January 28, 2008

The Goth Bus discrimination saga continues

The story continues to grow (See first first post Goths banned by bus driver) with the parents involved and a number of interviews on radio and TV:

My daughter the human pet
The mother does not mind.

Sunday People, UK - Jan 26, 2008


There has now been more media attention paid to the goths on the Bus saga than to the death of Sophie Lancaster. Why was no similar attention paid to the story of the
12 year old Blackburn emo kid surrounded, attacked and humiliated by a gang which was reported only a week earlier? Or the conviction of a criminal in Devon who severely beat a goth because of how he dressed?

In the way the story is run it is generally used as a small humorous story. There is a real danger that discrimination against alternative subcultures can be dismissed as a bit of harmless eccentricity, as just an individual issue facing a few weird people, rather than a serious one faced by a not insignificant minority which leads to injury and death. Because of the story has a BDSM overtone this allows the media a chance for further distortion from the real issue which is that a bus driver deliberately refused to take on passengers.

That is the issue not how people dress or live their lives.

Also some of the media focus on the fact both of the people involved are both currently unemployed actually Tasha is at college while Dani is going to start a course on caring for disabled children in March.

The story has now been covered across the world as it was picked up by major news wires like Reuters leading to over 60 stories see a few below, plus it was covered on Radio 2 on Friday on Jeremy Vine as well as the BBC in Look North and on GMTV:

'Human pet' wins apology for being thrown off bus | PerthNow Australia

British man banned from getting on a bus after walking his ...
The Cheers, Estonia - 22 hours ago

'Pet' girl kicked off bus for wearing leash_Kaleidscope--China ...

London "Pet Girl" Kicked Off Bus For Wearing Dog Leash
American Chronicle, CA - Jan 25, 2008

No dogs on bus, driver tells goth on leash
Brisbane Times, Australia - Jan 23, 2008

As well as in many British papers:

No goths allowed on bus | The Sun |HomePage|News

Walkies? Not on my bus, mate Scotsman, United Kingdom - Jan 24, 2008

Leash said, soonest mended ... Huddersfield Examiner, UK - Jan 24, 2008

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