Sunday, March 30, 2008

Goth - Media examination

An article celebrates goth's survival and discusses what goth is it also highlights Glasgow council prejudice against teenagers. [noted previously here Glasgow - Alternative teens banned from public place]

A light in the dark

Kit, an 18-year-old Glaswegian goth, believes prejudice against the youth tribe is widespread. "Everywhere we go there are always people who don't like us," she says. "When I sit on a bus people will stare and shout things at me just because I'm dressed in black.

"I have friends who have been cornered and threatened because people don't like how they were dressed. Because of the area I live and people's hostile reaction I have to tone down what I wear.

"It makes absolutely no sense because we are not a threat to anyone."

The articulate teenager, who wears a skull necklace, was one of dozens of goths who were angered when Glasgow City Council recently barred them from their favourite hangout at Royal Exchange Square. Steps between Borders bookshop and the Gallery of Modern Art were cordoned off and security guards brought in. A council spokesman said large gatherings of teenagers were intimidating visitors to a "premier shopping location".

Thhis important article talks to Manchester goths who reveal an ongoing saga of facing prejudice.

Sophie Lancaster: Goths speak out
Manchester Evening News, UK - 28 Mar 2008


Lord of Erewhon said...

What You are doing, by collecting and divulging all this information, is VERY IMPORTANT!!

Let it be dark!

P. S. I don't need further unser: You are a Goth, I can feel it, and not a young one.

AkashA DulcineA said...

Thankx to Lord of Erewhom I came here... is very interesting what you are saying about people hating people just because they can´t undenrstand DIFFERENCE... but, let's keep the fight for freedom.

oScUrAs ReVeReNcIaS.

Jackay. said...

i totally agree
i live in australia and i am goth/emo [[more commonly known as Emoth =D]] and i get kicked out of public places because of the way i dress
people are so ... ugh!
just leave us alone seeing as we aint hurting anyone!