Sunday, March 30, 2008

Emo Wars - Update

Problems spread to just south of the Texas border.

Police raise vigilance after 'emos' incident
El Paso Times, TX - 27 Mar 2008
By Daniel Borunda / El Paso Times

A confrontation in the upscale Las Misiones mall between teenage cliques of "emos" and "punks" on Wednesday night has Juárez police officials stepping in and asking for tolerance.

The mall incident, which police said might have been sparked by an exchange of words, might have been a copycat of highly publicized attacks on emos by mobs in Queretaro and Mexico City.

Juárez public safety secretary Guillermo Prieto Quintana in a news statement on Thursday said the police anti-gang unit would increase patrols at teen hangouts to discourage problems.

Prieto Quintana said that Mexico's northern border has traditionally been tolerant of all types of expressions, and he urged teens to respect others' right to self-expression.

The emo is a style and musical offshoot of punk music. Emos often sport dark hair covering part of their faces, dark clothing and an emotional outlook that has been described by some as effeminate, which might have fueled the mob attacks in the macho culture of Mexico.

The attacks on emos in Mexico have gained international attention, with television news airing videos filmed by the punch-throwing mobs chanting, "Kill the emos." On Thursday, Time magazine's Web site had a report titled "Mexico's Emo-Bashing Problem."

Latest from Daniel Hernandez:

It was supposed to have been a multi-tribe peaceful march for tolerance for the emos, from the Glorieta de Insurgentes to the one-and-only El Chopo street market, where for 25 years nearly every branch of alternative youth culture in Mexico City has gathered on Saturdays. Nevermind. It failed.

On a hot and rainy day here, emos arrived to El Chopo and were received with nasty resistance from some punks, skinheads, and darketos. It should have been expected. At the start of the march, I barely saw a single sympathetic member of any another tribu urbana.
In Mexico, violence against a youth subculture known as the emos ...
Los Angeles Times, CA - 28 Mar 2008

The YouTube Generation gets violent; “emos” shaking in their Chucks
Michigan Daily, MI - 27 Mar 2008

Even Perez Hilton has covered it:

And The Attacks Continue

Just Leave The Little Emo Kids Alone!

A number of online sources seem to blame the conservative feelings of Mexicans (with a thinly veiled feelings of racial prejudice) for the attacks. That indeed may be part of the problem but what sparked it off ultimately is in fact anti-emo trends which originated outside Mexico which have been documented on this site.

Meanwhile in Australia emos are abusing scene kids.

Inside the clash of the teen subcultures
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 29 Mar 2008
Because the movement is still young, emos and Scene kids often find themselves battling for territory. EJ said she, Kirra and Eliza received abuse from emos

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