Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Risky to be an Emo?

Usual stereotypes apply in this article which reports the authorities being plain stupid. Of course the real risk in being an Emo is going to Mexico or facing a barrag of misunderstanding and lies.

The Macon County Board of Education voted at Monday's meeting at Highlands School to present a "risky behaviors" program to all of the county's students in grades five and above.

The vote followed a presentation by Macon County Sheriff Robbie Holland, who showed the board and audience members a revised version of the program that was presented at Franklin High School several weeks ago. The presentation was created following the Feb. 25 death of Macon Middle School student Sarah Beck. Beck died from what is known as the "choking game," which also claimed the life of a Jackson County teen five months ago.

"We should have taken notice five months ago, and we didn't," Holland said.

The presentation will be shown to fifth graders as part of the DARE program, and it will be available by appointment for upper grades from the sheriff's office. The presentation is about 45 minutes long, and it includes information on the choking game as well as inhalants, misuse of over-the-counter drugs and the EMO culture, also known as goth, in which participants are encouraged to cut themselves.

Board OKs program on risky behavior
Franklin Press, NC 25 Mar 2008

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The Master said...

The thing that strikes me is the capitalisation of the word 'emo', like it's an acronym or something.

You would think that if these people were genuinely interested in helping and protecting children they would do some sort of research.