Friday, March 28, 2008

Sophie - More reports

The Verdict coincided with a detailed report on Teen drinking.

Toll of teenage drinking revealed BBC News

Teenagers are drinking an average of 44 bottles of wine or 177 pints of beer a year each, a study suggests.

Almost 10,000 15-to-16-year-olds in the North West of England were questioned as part of the study into underage drinking and violence.

The report, produced by Liverpool John Moores University, found as many as 40% of teenagers in poor areas binge drink.

Recent high-profile murders in the region were carried out by teenagers who had been drinking heavily.

On Thursday, Brendan Harris, 15, was convicted of murdering 20-year-old Sophie Lancaster in a Lancashire park after drinking two litres of cider, peach schnapps and lager.

For Sophie's sake, Can It,

One thing is certain drink played a role in the crime. It fuelled the development of an underlying hostility into extreme violence.

Interesting to note while the "chav" word is absent from most coverage while it is ominpresent in internet discussions. In Glasgow however the Ned word is used more readily.

Drunken neds killed woman because she was a goth
Glasgow Daily Record,

We must remmber of course is that while some of the "chav" teenagers attacked others in the exactly the same group called the emergency services and tried to save Sophie's life. It is not "chavs" as a whole who are to blame but a violent minority within that group. Hating all "chavs" shows a level of intolerance which is no better than he hate they show.

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