Friday, June 13, 2008

Dublin - Another pro Emo March

Congratulations are due to the organizers of another march this time in Ireland:

Teenage fans march to defend US band

Thursday, 12 June 2008
A GROUP of Northside teenagers are organising a
protest march to rebel against media coverage of their favourite band.The
Hartstown teens are staunchly defending My Chemical Romance (MCR), who were was
recently dubbed a ‘suicide cult’ by an English tabloid newspaper.The young
teenagers are furious over media coverage of the suicide of an English
13-year-old MCR fan.But according to Eiblin Malone, the media’s association
between MCR and suicide are “ridiculous”.“Something of the magnitude of suicide
cannot simply be triggered by music,” she told Northside People.“There has to be
other pretty significant reasons and factors which would cause someone to feel
so isolated.”She added: “I find the band and their songs really uplifting. MCR
have some very positive messages for their fans about life and how to get
through the hard times.” The bubbly 17-year-old called on the public to think
“outside the box”.“A lot of people tend to put kids and the types of music they
listen to into certain categories,” the fifth year student explained.“Teenagers
are branded because of the way they dress and act when really people are far
more complex than that.“I wear black but that doesn’t mean I’m depressed. In
fact, I’m often told that I’m a really happy, chirpy person to be around.”...

The Hartstown local added: “They are the perfect role models if anything. And they shouldn’t be associated with just teenagers as their fan base varies in age from 10 to 30-year-olds.”The march will kick off from St Stephen’s Green at 1pm on Saturday, June 14.“This march, which another friend Sarah Devine helped to organise, is about much more than MCR,” Jessica said.“It’s about suicide awareness and highlighting the unfair labels attached to teenagers.“We have even invited the Samaritans who we hope will be there on the day collecting money for their charity.”

Teenage fans march to defend US band Dublin Northside People, Ireland

Meanwhile another musician attacked the idea that music causes suicideL

Buzznet caught up with Angels & Airwaves front man and former Blink182 frontman Tom DeLonge today who spoke candidly to the recent MCR controversy (they are being blamed for influencing a teen to commit suicide) that made headlines and whether he believe in the whole "music saves lives" idea and if there's too much responsibility on the musician?

DeLonge: "The same sort of thing happened to me with Blink, so I can understand what it's like to be a part of something like that. We had a victim of the Columbine shootings take his life with our song on repeat. You kinda go through these situations where you blame yourself —but you can't. You have no idea who these people are.
"And My Chemical Romance, they spend a lot of time singing about coming together and there's ingredients of rebellion and angst, but what band doesn't have that when you're young?" - Full interview

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