Friday, June 13, 2008

Sam Leeson - Evidence gathering of culture of bullying at school

Look at these comments on the bullying going on at Sam's school. :

I have a daughter at Severnvale who was in the same year as Sam, also my
eldest use to go there and they've both said that bullying is definitely going
on more than the school have acknowledged. When it's time for my youngest
daughter to go to secondary school i will certainly not be sending her to
Severnvale. A.Watkins, Whitminster commented on 13-Jun-2008 13:13 Mr Rowland
clearly does not know a thing about what is happening in his own school. My
sister was also bullied for not only liking a different type of music than the
Chavs who rule the school but for also being clever & enjoying school. On a
number of occasions we spoke to different teachers about this and nothing was
done about it. It ended with her own inner strength and standing up for herself
with the help of understanding friends - nothing to do with teachers. Come on Mr
Rowland stand up to the bullies for people who cannot... S. Nicholls, Gloucester
commented on 13-Jun-2008 13:02

My last comment went off screen. My daughter is
also into emo culture and goes to Severn Vale School. She is constantly bullied
there and always has been. She said it never gets sorted, if you tell a teacher
the bully may get a one hour detention after school and then they are off again.
She knew Sam and said he had been bullied by Severn Vale pupils particularly on
the bus. Our sincere sympathy to all Sam's family and friends it is a
heartbreaking tragedy.

Jane, gloucester commented on 13-Jun-2008 12:03

Quedgeley school plans tribute for tragic Sam.
From the local newspaper.

Other comments:

R.I.P SamAlthough i did not know you, i saw you around school and you
always seemed happy. I throughout a couple of years at Severn Vale was bullied.
I was in that state of mind Sam was, but got through it with friends help. The
problem apparently was not at school but with lads from a different school,
CryptThey apparently threatened him to kill himself, or they would kill him. I
Hope this is investigated down to the full, and mates of sams who know anything
about this please help us.D, Quedgeley Annonymous, Quedgeley, Gloucester
commented on 11-Jun-2008 22:35

My heartfelt sympathies go out to sam's family and friends at this
terrible time.The school really does need to be investigated though as bullying
is commonplace at this school and it is ignored, no matter what some people
might say. My children were both bullied at this school and Mr Rowland turned a
blind eye every time I tried to talk to him about it, he wasnt interested in
anything that would make his school look bad. I eventually removed my children
and placed them elsewhere, my daughter still suffers now from the abuse she
received and is still undergoing counselling to get over it. Gill, Gloucester
commented on 11-Jun-2008 22

I have had 4 children go through their education at Severn Vale with the 2
youngest still at the school and my son was friends with Sam. I would just like
to point out to those of you who are quick to blame the school that the bullying
was NOT taking place on school site, but via the internet and by students from
another local school according to my son and Sam's peers. Students at Severn
Vale (and many of them have commented on here) are extremely happy at Severn
Vale and enjoy fabulous relationships with staff and students alike. It is
totally incorrect to say the school does nothing about bullying. My daughter was
bullied and it was dealt with amazingly well by all the staff particularly Mr
Hunte, Mrs Prescott and Mr Rowland. Their policy is watertight. People really do
need to get their facts straight before being so quick to criticise. Severn Vale
Parent, Gloucester commented on 11-Jun-2008 17:43

I go to Severn Vale school, and to be honest it has shocked me by what they
have said about this. I read a letter today that Sam wasn't a victim of
bullying, and the first thing I thought to myself is "Are you blind?!". Almost
everyone in this school knows he was, they're just trying to protect there
reputation, the whole time I was there thye talked about the high standard they
had, and ofcourse how they promote that they deal with bullys. You don't! You do
flip all to be honest! Sam was a victim of bullying because he dressed
differently, and you failed to see that. Some of The students at your school
have no respect, I know, I see them every day. I hope this has made you think
about how you treat bullying claims from now on. Secondly the Citizen isn't much
better! Your trying to turn the blame onto Emo music, there is nothing wrong
with it, some people just find it easier to releate to. And the quote used by
Mr. Rowland? Stolen from a letter sent out! Rip sam, your in a better place
Jessica, Hardwicke

Did Sam take own life over name calling?

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