Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tasmanian goth and emos attacked

THREE Hobart victims of bullies have blamed subculture rivalry for attacks on them and fear there may be a turf war. The trio were all assaulted last Thursday in three separate incidents around the city centre. Nathan, 18, was bashed unconscious in the Hobart bus mall on Thursday afternoon and collapsed to the ground covered in blood. Soon after, Michael, 15, was punched in the face and then pushed up against a bus near Franklin Square. Then Sebastian, 18, was hit on the back of the head by a group outside the Commonwealth Bank in Liverpool St. The three have said the bullies are a group of 'bogans' who target those from the alternative scene, such as 'emos' and 'goths'. " Read more...

Bashing victims' fears of turf war | Mercury - The Voice of Tasmania: "Bashing victims' fears of turf war Article from: The Mercury MARIA RAE November 07, 2007

Find out about Bogans (roughly UK townies/chavs without the track suits) here:

Bogan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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