Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cradle of Filth t-shirt trial - Shopkeeper who sold 'obscene' Jesus T-shirt escapes trial for prejudice

"A SHOP owner charged with religious prejudice after selling an obscene T-shirt will not face trial.

Daniel Moore, 45, sold the T-shirt - which features the slogan "Jesus is a c***" and a pornographic picture of a nun - to an undercover policeman. Minutes later a team of ten police officers raided his Edinburgh shop and he was charged with selling obscene material aggravated by religious prejudice.

Moore insisted on his innocence during several appearances at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, and the Crown has now decided the case can be dealt with through an alternative to prosecution..."

The article goes onto list a whole series of cases in connection to the t shirt. read more... News - Scotland - Edinburgh - Shopkeeper who sold 'obscene' Jesus T-shirt escapes trial for prejudice

Don't the police and courts have something better to do? Admittedly the t-shirt is in very bad taste but this type of fuss simply magnifies the situation. No prizes to Cradle of Filth though as it exactly is this kind of thing based on shock value alone and sold as merchandise, which lets the media portray metal fans in a very bad light. It is always difficult to balance freedom of speech with the need to display tolerance for other people.

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