Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Neo Nazis attempt to bomb Rock club in Russia

It looks like the expanding far right in Russia are targeting alternative concerts as part of their battle against on the left wing youth and ethnic minorities:

"Music of the streets" festival under the bomb

"Yesterday 13th of October a bomb of 200 grams in trotyle equivalent failed to detonate in "Music of the streets" festival, organised in Roks club of St. Petersburg. Groups to perform in this festival were Spitfire (St. Petersburg), Blisterhead (Gothenburg, Sweden), Rejected (Lappeenranta, Finland), Turbo Lax (Tolyatti), Mister X (Grodno, Belarus), Engage At Will (St. Petersburg) and Mass Murder (St. Petersburg).

During concert, while Blisterhead was performing, audience noted a strange bag smoking in the hall, which was passed to the scene. Security quickly moved it to the yard, where it was covered with water. Anti-bomb squad found a bomb, 200 grams in trotyle equivalent, covered with 800 grams of bolts and other ripping objects. Concert was halted and people were evicted heavy-handedly from the premise, OMON riot police beat some people who were "on their way".

It is little doubt, that this bomb was set up by nazis, who have a long history of attempted attacks against Spitfire. 5 concert goers were also ambushed by 15-20 nazis armed with iron bars and bottles, one girl was hospitalized after being beaten to head with an iron bar, but she is already released from the hospital."

The St. Petersburg Times - News - Three Men Arrested Over Failed Bomb Attack on City Rock Club: 30/10

"Three Men Arrested Over Failed Bomb Attack on City Rock Club The St. Petersburg Times Three men have been detained by the local police in connection with an attempted bombing at a rock concert at the ROKS music club earlier this month, the local news service reported Monday. A man aged 21 was detained on Thursday and two other men aged 21 and 22 were detained on Saturday, according to The diagram of the explosive device and bomb-making manuals were found when their apartments were searched. One of the three, who the police think was the leader, was a Muscovite.

A bag with an explosive device containing 200 grams of TNT and an amount of screw-bolts was thrown on stage during the performance of Swedish punk band Blisterhead. The bag, which started to smoke when it landed, was promptly extinguished and taken away by a guard.

The concert, which drew an estimated 400 fans, was stopped by the police as headlining local ska-band Spitfire was performing. “They checked the bomb and said that it didn’t explode because it was clumsily made,” said Spitfire drummer Denis Kuptsov on Monday.

“They stopped our performance after the eighth song and told everybody to leave.”

A case has been opened according to Article 222 of Russia’s Criminal Code (illegal possession of weapons and ammunition), which was later changed into Article 205 (terrorism), according to the agency. Although claims that police have not defined that the detainees were connected to any nationalist group, the agency earlier reported skinhead attacks near the club on the night of the concert.

It also interviewed musician Pavel Menshikov who was hospitalized with serious wounds after being attacked with knives and metal rods on his way to the concert. The police was not available for comment when contacted on Monday."

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