Thursday, February 21, 2008

Newcastle teenagers

In Newcastle on Tyne a letter supporting goths and skateboarders has appeared:

Let’s give the goths a chance - ChronicleLive

REPLYING to LB from Newcastle (Your Shout, February 12), you obviously don’t like goths.

But what is wrong with goths? They look fabulous, they dress great, their hair is great, their shoes are great, their taste in music is fabulous.

Are you some old middle-class fuddy-duddy that doesn’t like anything? The goths had to move from old Eldon Square, they moved to the Monument where they cause no trouble.

Why don’t you go up to them and talk to them – you’d see that they cause no problems. The new memorial park in old Eldon Square opens next year.

The goths will just move straight back and hang around outside it.

They are not going to damage it, they are not going to spray paint it. They are not going to do anything, they just want to hang around and chat about music, where they are going, what gigs they are going to, and the same with skateboarders.

Leave the goths alone, leave the skateboarders alone.
Skateboarders are also fantastic. It’s a sport, it’s an art form.

Have you ever talked to a skateboarder and said what they are doing is great? Skateboarders have a high regard for things. They don’t trash monuments.

They’ve got grandparents who fought in the war, they are going to respect monuments, as do the goths.

Why does everybody pick on them? Just because they look different and they don’t conform to what society wants people to look like.

The goths are here to stay, so are the skateboarders. You say the shoppers are sick of it. No they are not. Neither are the businesses.

And what a lie that the buses can’t get past. They don’t stand on the main road, they have got more common sense. I don’t know if you are a man or woman. And, by the way, I’m a 39-year-old woman, just in case you wanted to know.

Why don’t you buy some goth music, go to the Carling Academy, and let your hair down.

TRACY JACKSON, South Gosforth

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