Sunday, February 17, 2008

Observer Music Monthly "Undead" on goths - Roundup of recent coverage

Alterophobia was noted in a sympathetic article "Undead" (even if it is one with a cheesy title) in The Observer Music Monthly which is good news. [Online copy here.] Following a visit to that fine night DJ De'Ath's Black Veil in Leeds the article is full of pictures and some text and includes an interview with the infamous Pete Scathe. Why they talked to Bizarre magazine about goth I am not sure but they are in there too. It does mention the goth bus couple saga of course and Sophie Lancaster briefly at the end. [Note the trial of those accused of attacking Sophie and Rob will be in Preston not Burnley as the Observer mentions.] If reading that article brought you here read on.

If you do not know about the tragic events surrounding the death of Sophie Lancaster then check out here Sophie Lancaster Wikipedia entry. Sophie Lancaster's tribute bench is now in place in Whitby (see A tribute to Sophie - Whitby Today) thanks to fundraising from the entire goth community. The SOPHIE - ["Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred (and) Intolerance Everywhere"] fund's cause of fighting against all forms of intolerance goes on as her family and friends are backing an ongoing series of events which have happened all over the country. The next one is in Lancaster at Dark Side of the Lune on . Sophie Lancaster Tribute Night, Saturday 15th March, The Phoenix Club, Phoenix Street, Lancaster. All Proceeds To The Sophie Fund. Check out her myspace page link on the left and donate money or some time. Take a look at this touching footage of an interview with Sophie's mother:

But the point is the problem still goes on and it is not an isolated incident. The latest casualty from an attack last weeked is a Goth attacked in Belfast. He is still in a bad way TEENAGER STILL CRITICAL AFTER BRIDGE FALL.

As the Observer article said that Sophie's death "received just a fraction of the coverage garnered by the dog-led goths tells you something about society." This is something highlighted here in our examination of the media attention across the world paid to the the Goth Bus discrimination saga. This prejudice is in fact no joke - goths living in the same town as that couple have been literally chased off the streets as more serious local reporting reveals: Goth Bus Couple - The local perspective. Why was no similar media attention paid to the story of the 12 year old Blackburn emo kid surrounded, attacked and humiliated by a gang which was reported only a week earlier? Or the conviction of a criminal in Devon who severely beat a goth because of how he dressed? Or from longer ago the similar events in Burnley? Or North Wales? Or any of the other incidents such the ongoing problems facing skaters and others. How can someone who seems to advocate Goth battering (whether in a jokey way or not) be given major publicity in a Liverpool City of Culture event when alternative people across the North West face abuse and attack? Is Britain become more intolerant of any kind of difference and is this a result of a growing trend of mindless youth violence?

These questions need answering.

Think about signing the petition against subcultural hate crime if you have not already now other 2500 signatures including some MEP/MPs. Epetition at Downing Street

Write to your MP ask them what is being done about this problem.

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