Thursday, February 21, 2008

Russian Schools to Struggle Against Emo :: Russia-InfoCentre

Building on previous report on The Russia panic and in the footsteps of Malta the strange panic over Emo we have noted continues.

Russian Schools to Struggle Against Emo :: Russia-InfoCentre


The authorities of Nizhni Novgorod are concerned with protecting youth from the Emo movement. The regional Ministry of Education has provided all schools with directives warning them against the social danger of this youth subculture.

The officials have given a detailed description of how Emo followers look like and warned against this movement’s ideology, according to which Emo representatives “are immortal and in case of death they simply change their inner shape”. “The dream of every Emo is to die in a bathroom after cutting one’s veins in wrist area (it is sort of sport for them). Due to this some of them wear bandages covering the wounds” – the document reads.

The directives have been initiated by the letter addressed by Oleg Khramov, Head of Federal Security Service Department for Nizhni Novgorod Region, to the region’s Governor Valery Shantsev.

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