Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MCR denounce attacks in Mexico

When My Chemical Romance took the stage in Mexico City (this past Saturday at Zero Fest), Gerard Way spoke to the crowd:

“I want to say something today before we continue. Recently we’ve been hearing a lot of stuff about some violence here in your country having to do with kids who want to wear black t-shirts…or some kind of bulls— stuff like that. We don’t want to see any f—ing violence! We came here for one reason, and that’s to be at the f—ing rock show!”

My Chemical Romance Speak Out Against Anti-Emo Violence

My Chemical Romance have consitantly promoted an an anti-self harm and anti suicide message. Of course there is a massive debate whether their music is emo or not, the band and many of their fans deny it, but we cannot really go into that here.

More reports provide some interesting background:

Subculture clash among Mexico youth
USA Today - Apr 14, 2008
But in other parts of Mexico, a spate of attacks by punks and other groups on the emos has thrown a spotlight on the rapid growth of these "urban tribes"

In Mexico, emo music fans face many who hate them to the core
Chicago Tribune, United States - Apr 14, 2008
Whatever the case, the dramatic dress style of urban music followers known as "emos" has struck a nerve in Mexico's macho society.

This following report highlights something we have talked about often not noted elsewhere :
Although nothing of this magnitude has been reported in North Dakota or the United States, there is evidence of disliking for the people that are known as "emos." On the MTV news Web site alone, there are several comments on the article threatening "emos" in America with an 800-person riot of their own.

Beyond the comments about the article, propaganda featuring anti-emo messages and imagery can be found on any popular Web site including YouTube and Facebook. Almost anyone can gain access to examples of anti-emo images from videos of "emo" kids being assaulted to a popular Facebook bumper sticker featuring Adolph Hitler sporting a thick earring, eye-liner, and hair covering one eye and the words "the original emo kid."

Although the intention of some of these images is for comedic purpose, but when a violent tone begins to surround a group of people it is anything but funny. One can't help but blame the origin of such hatred, which could possibly be the hardly comical videos and photos so popularly displayed on the internet.
Discrimination: Let's see how far we've come
UND The Dakota Student, ND

At the end of the day no-one has died in Mexico yet so its a bit hypocritical of people elsewhere not to bear that in mind when they criticis Mexican society specially if they are just over the border. But then it looks like Brian Denke who died in 1997 in Texas is forgotten by the popular press.

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