Sunday, May 11, 2008

Alternative subcultures hate crime report

The Gothic Liberation Front now have a alternative hate crime report form. This is a great idea.

The Sunday Mirror has covered the early motion plan too

MPs bid for tough 'hate' law
Sunday Mirror, UK -10 May 2008

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MPs are demanding a change in "hate crime" laws after a woman was murdered for dressing as a Goth.

Sophie Lancaster, 20, was stamped to death by teenage yobs Brendan Harris and Ryan Herbert, who were jailed for life last month.

She had been trying to stop them and three pals hitting her Goth boyfriend Robert Maltby, 21, in Bacup, Lancs, in August.

Janet Anderson and Greg Pope - local MPs for the grieving relatives - are calling on Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to dish out tougher punishments for similar attacks.

The MPs tabled a Commons motion, praising the yobs' prison terms.

Mrs Anderson said: "The Government should examine whether changes are needed to include hate crimes, such as the one on Sophie and Rob because of how they looked."

Currently, the law covers racial and religious attacks - but not groups targeted for how they dress.

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