Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hannah Bond - Why no Emo is safe from the Daily Mail's sinister cult of lies against Emo

The Mail's sickening campaign of hatred continues started in 2006 (See More media lies about goths and emos) they will not be satisfied until a large proportion of normal teenagers who happen to like particular music are seen as suicidal freaks and outcasts. They are encouraging the sort of vile propaganda which may end up creating the scenes of anti-emo violence we have seen in Mexico. If this was being said about a religion, race or sexuality the Mail would be vilified. Hannah's death is a tragedy trying to pin it on the music she listened to is just plain stupid. This builds on earlir reports covered here Hannah Bond - Press/Coroner blame another suicide. Typically the Mail has continued its vendetta.

If anything is an unreasoning cult it is the Daily Mail's cult of lies. There are almost too many distortions in this article to catalogue correctly. To name just a few a number of MCR fans and the band themselves have long said they are not really emos. How can there be a cult if the members don't even agree who is in it? Not to mention the album the Black Parade is nothing to do with suicide.

Why no child is safe from the sinister cult of emo
Daily Mail, UK -4 hours ago

No different, in fact, to the Goth subculture that first emerged in Britain during the early 1980s.
There is, though, growing concern that there is a deeply unhealthy undertone to the emo movement.

Some time before her death, Hannah's parents, who live in Kent, noticed scarring on the inside of her wrists. When they questioned her about it, honest and open as ever, she told them she'd inflicted the wounds herself and that it was part of an emo "initiation ceremony".
Only after her death would they discover how she had secretly chatted online to emo followers all over the world, talking about death and of the "black parade" — a place where emos believe they go after they die.
A check of Hannah's home page on social networking site Bebo revealed her pseudonym, Living Disaster, and that she'd decorated it with a picture of an emo girl with bloody wrists. Another picture showed a child's exercise book scrawled with the words: "Dear Diary, today I give up."...

To be honest emo websites are not really that different from goth/black metal websites in decoration. So people have gloomy stuff on their websites. What does it matter? The vast majority of people with morbid websites do not commit suicide. Churches are full of morbid imagery as well so are horror films watched by millions of people. The fact is the girl died after having an argument with her parents... you could blame them instead just as unfairly. At the end of day she was mentally unstable as are many teenagers who kill themselves. Most teenagers who kill themselves are not emos or any other particular group there is no easy answer to why they do it but treating them sensibly and not as outcasts certainly might help.

Nor does the claim that there is a " "black parade" — a place where emos believe they go after they die" have any basis in reality at all. It is a complete lie as it is not a term in use by anyone till now.

When they talk to an actual teenage emo in the article her words are damning:

Levi insists that her mother is worrying unnecessarily.

"I think many of the concerns around emos aren't true," she says.

"To me, emos skateboard a lot, dress in darker colours and listen to alternative rock music.

"It's also true they probably think about feelings more than other people.

"I do get teased for being an emo because some people at school think it's just about suicide and self-harm.

"But I think you would have to be depressed already to self-harm — and I'm not depressed.

"I like going out dressed in emo clothes because it causes a stir. There aren't many emos where I live, so people look at you.

"It makes you feel individual."...

So the Daily Mail discovers that lies about self harm lead to bullying which has recently led to one suicide and loads of attacks. See the Dominic's tragic fate: Emo Bullied to DEATH!

The closing words of the article are just looking for the biggest stir:

The 200 friends and family who attended Hannah's funeral will no doubt echo that.
But not everyone seems to have learned the lesson.
In a tribute book set up at Hannah's school, one pupil left the following message: "I hope you enjoy the black parade."

Naive, misguided or just plain stupid.

But then, that's always been the trouble with some teenagers. And the danger of emo.

The danger of the Daily Mail more like. How many more 12 year old alternative kids have to suffer being attacked by a gang like this case or even be killed like Sophie Lancaster? Lies lead to violence.


leanisb said...

I think you may find these links of interest for this site:
A scottish goth who commited suicide after being bullied for being a goth:
A 12 year old who died for the same reason:
Me, in my local paper talking about being attacked for being a goth and how the police don't care: said...

Thanks for your comment very useful :)

Anonymous said...

thank god somebody knows that emo is not sinister cult and shit like that, cheers mate. what you have written is the pure truth, well done =D

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think you will find that it is prejudice and hatred which are killing people, dickhead.
Leanis Bathory

Anonymous said...

To any fat emos out there: Man the harpoons!. LuLz!

Aria said...

I was a friend of Hannahs, and she was such a nice girl. When I heard of her death, it really shocked me, but there is no need whatsoever to blame MCR for it! I listen to them, so do a large majority of my friends, and not one of us are suicidal or even depressed when we listen to them. I think it's just another way for the press to have a go a teenagers.

Flaming Rubies said...

Exactly! God, the Daily Mail are twats.