Thursday, May 15, 2008

Impfest against abuse

Latest anti abuse festival in support of Sophie:

This is Scunthorpe, UK -9 May 2008

Proceeds from the three-day ImpFest, to be held at Scunthorpe's Lincoln Imp public house from August 1 to 3, will be donated to a newly-formed foundation named after the victim, Sophie Lancaster.

The foundation, set up last month by Sophie's mother Sylvia, is calling for new legislation to protect people from other sub-cultures.

Goth sub-culture stems from the gothic rock movement in the 1980s. Goth fashion sees fans often wearing black attire and make-up.

Mrs Lancaster, whose daughter was kicked to death because she was dressed like a Goth, said people needed to learn how to respect those who dressed differently.

She said: "It's a hidden prejudice and hopefully the Sophie campaign will raise awareness of that."

Lincoln Imp landlady Jan Price said the organisers of the third annual ImpFest wanted to see an end to verbal and physical abuse against young people who dressed differently.

Mrs Price said: "People need to be taught how to show respect and tolerance for those whose appearance and culture may seem different from their own.

"Last year we had a record number of 19 acts take part in ImpFest.

"This year we are expecting an even bigger response because the Sophie Lancaster Foundation will strike a chord with lots of young people out there."
Another article on Sophie:

Wemust not allow evil to win us over
Times & Star, UK - 10 May 2008

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