Monday, May 26, 2008

Conspiracy against the March - Anti-Emo propaganda sinks to new depths

Someone is clearly very worried by the idea of a march on the Daily Mail refuting allegations of suicide connected to Emos and MCR. A very worrying development is the posting of fake videos on youtube which suggest that the march is actually going to be an act of mass suicide. These are clearly quite cleverly constructed and use music from MCR and imagery from the March website. They are designed by someone in an attempt to support the Daily Mail's point of view about Emos and MCR and undermine the protest by saying the march will result in suicide. The most successful video MCRsuicidecult has over 19,381 views far more popular than any of the real videos supporting the march.

Are these videos designed merely as a joke? Why spend so much effort on them then? They use similar language to each other suggesting they are created as part of an organised effort. There at least 6 different videos advocating this "mass suicide" lie all on accounts created in the last few days. It is a deliberate campaign to undermine and attack the march.

You can see one here:

Who would benefit most if the march was undermined?

It seems unlikely that even the Daily Mail itself would stoop to such a level. But if a story does appear from them suggesting the march will be a mass suicide attempt then it is perhaps possible they may be connected to this.

The most likely culprits however are the many people online who are simply intolerant and prejudiced against emos or MCR and who wish to perpetuate the lie connecting them to suicide and self harm. The best way to fight this is by supporting a real video backing the march.

Like this one:

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