Saturday, May 31, 2008

More tributes to Sophie

Kevin Bullock and his wife, Michelle, who are landlords of The Appleby, in Grange Street, have already sold more than 200 SOPHIE (Stamp Out Prejudice Hate Intolerance Everywhere) wristbands in memory of goth Sophie Lancaster.

The couple travelled to the Whitby Goth Weekend in April, and attended a dedication bench ceremony for the tragic 20-year-old, where the wristbands were being sold. They brought 400 home to Burton in a bid to help raise money for Miss Lancaster's family to celebrate Sophie's life and also help fund group sessions with young people to teach them about alternative cultures and to respect everyone.

A helpline is also being set up to combat hate crime. The campaign has so fa raised more than £6,000.

Miss Lancaster and her boyfriend, Robert Maltby, were attacked in August last year as they walked through Stubbylee Park, in Bacup, Rossendale, Lancashire.

While Mr Maltby recovered, his girlfriend slipped into a coma as a result of her head injuries and later died. Police said the attack may have been provoked by the couple wearing 'gothic' fashion. Two teenagers were jailed for life for her murder earlier this year.

Mr Bullock said: "We have sold more than 200 in just two weeks, so that says how strongly people feel about the circumstances of her death. Sophie was a goth, just like a lot of our customers are, and she was murdered because of how she looked.

Offering support after Sophie murder
Burton Mail, UK

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