Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guardian - on The Devonshire Arms

Rather bizarre article on the changes in The Dev in Camden which we covered here [Camden Fire - Aftermath] earlier:

Cocktail girl, UK - 26 May 2008


Because the Hobgoblin-Devonshire Arms is the focus of a Great Goth Controversy. Until recently the Hobgoblin was called the Devonshire Arms - or simply 'the Dev'. It was a gloomy, forlorn establishment situated just round the back of Camden Market in north London, a road down from the rowdier (and following the Great Fire of Camden, more singed) Hawley Arms. It styled itself Camden's premier Alternative Destination, and operated a strict Goths-only door policy. Non-Goths were not welcome, so I never went in.

In summary: you were too scared to go in.

No! In summary: The Dev was stricter than your average super-elitist members bar with its door policy; indeed, when a colleague tried to arrange a photoshoot inside the pub, the management turned her down flat, insisting: 'the Dev is a refuge for Goths'. Imagine, then, the outcry when new management arrived early in 2008, tweaked the Dev's name, implemented a £6,000 refurb and (eek!) relaxed the Goth-only policy. The Goths were not amused. But my friend and compadre in columns Lairy Jon and I were pleased. Now we could get an entrĂ©e on this demimonde! Or - whatever's left of it.

So it had a dress code... Shock!!! There are loads of places with a dress code many block alternative dress or blue jeans - fair enough its the management's choice all entirely legal. And why should a pub open its doors to the media if the management does not want too exactly? The Dev was not "super elitist" any more than the average town nnigh club was. All you needed was some black or dark clothing.

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leanisb said...

It used to be a good place to go to escape the Chav types. And you could be assured of finding people who were friendly and into the same stuff. What a shame.