Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sophie Lancaster's dad in tattoo tribute

THE father of murdered student Sophie Lancaster will now carry his daughter�s face forever over his heart - thanks to a tattoo artist.
Sophie's dad in tattoo tribute
The Sun, UK - May 28th

THE anguished dad of Goth murder girl Sophie Lancaster has made sure she is always close to his heart - by having a tattoo of her face on his chest.

John Lancaster, 45, came up with the idea of having her features etched on to his left breast after attending a Goth Day in her honour.

And last night he said: "I wanted to have a permanent picture of Sophie put there. It will help me to remember her lovely smile."

Tragic Sophie, 20, was kicked and battered to death by a group of yobs - just because she was a Goth...

Father has Sophie tattoo over his heart
Fleetwood Today, UK - 29th May
The father of Lancashire Goth student Sophie Lancaster has shown his affection for his daughter by having a tattoo of her face over his heart. ...

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