Sunday, October 21, 2007

Attack on four goth/mosher teens in Burnley

In a town 5 miles from Bacup where Sophie Lancaster was murdered and her boy friend put into a coma two months by a mob attack a new vicious attack motivated by wearing alternative fashions occurred on Saturday the 20th of October. A group of 4 people were attacked by up to 12 youths with sticks and bottles, who according to those attacked were dressed in a “chav” style. What is more though the article does not mention it, according to comments on the article, another couple of alternative teens were attacked earlier that day in Burnley. Police are investigating.

This was two days after the committal to trial of the five accused in the Sophie Lancaster case which was held in Burnley Youth court. Is this sudden spate of attacks in the same town a coincidence?

It has been suggested the attack may have been motivated by the newspaper article in the Lancashire Telegraph printed the day before which reported that some shopkeepers in Blackburn claimed that Emos and Goths were intimidating Blackburn shoppers. This may be an unhappy co-incidence but who can say? See previous posts on this.

And what about media coverage of Asa Coon a week earlier see School Killing involves "goth"?

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