Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hate Crime Petition

The subcultural hate crimes petition is continuing to grow. It now has 1,308 signatures making it currently about number 160 out of 8491 active petitions. It will get an official response from the Prime Minister's office when complete in March. If it continues to grow at this rate it will have around 6000 signatures by then which would put it in the top 40. Interesting that there is still much discussion posted online about this. It is good that it is debated and this shows alternative people do not leap into things without considering them as shown in the strong points raised against the idea in I noted in the Hate Crime and Subcultures - the debate post. I still have some reservations about hate crimes legislation, but it is an idea people need to think through for themselves.

It may be the type of awareness raising and education the SOPHIE campaign is involved in is more useful in the end, but signing will not do any harm and will hopefully raise publicity and importantly awareness from the authorities. Yet there is no hope being too optimistic after all the recent Camden petition with 36,000 signatures had no effect. The real danger however is apathy though suggesting nothing can be done at all. Action needs to be taken and this petition is part of that.

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