Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cop Attacks Poppunker - antiMUSIC News

Poppunk band Amber Pacific get into trouble for signing stuff for fans.

Cop Attacks Poppunker - antiMUSIC News: "We moved about 20 feet down so we weren't near the door anymore. We continued to sign, and then that same cop came back a minute later, very agitated, and said ' Did you not hear what I said? I told you guys to move!' He then very angrily yelled at the kids waiting ' get out of here!' We felt maybe we could just move behind the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' trailer, where we couldn't be blocking the sidewalk. As we did so, The officer was following us the whole time, and Will told everyone ' Ok, let's move down here where there aren't rude cops' Apparently, that touched a nerve. He yells at Will, word for word, 'What the fuck did you say, you little faggot douchebag???' Will spins around, and asks him ' What did you call me???' Here's where it gets weird though. The cop grabs Dango, who hadn't said a word, and yells at him ' DO NOT RESIST!' several times, really loudly, as he spins him around and throws handcuffs on him. "

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